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Saturday, January 07, 2012

And 2012 is here already!

I must be one of the last but here I am at last - Haaappy Neewww Year !! :). I've been thinking over the year and how it has gone for us, so here's a round-up!

Damita joined a "big" school and has adapted so nicely. I was worried about so many things - the early start, the school bus travel, and so on and so forth. But I can honestly say I am the one moaning more about the early mornings than she is ;) - I am so proud! She does her homework with just a bit of reminding ;) and mostly by herself, she gets ready nearly all by herself in the morning, overall she's well on the way to becoming a big girl! She goes for Karate classes as well as Carnatic Vocal ones and is enjoying both so I'm quite happy with the choices. And she's making a big effort to speak more in Tamizh - I feel so thrilled when she wakes up in the morning and says "Time enna?" :). We have our wars and battles, but I try to remember that I'm about 30 years older than she is, and that usually calms me down ;).

Shehan is enjoying his Montessori school as much as ever - he has started writing at school this year which was a big milestone! Even if one child has already gone through it, the process can be a revelation all over again :). Some stuff that I don't remember Damita having problems with, he struggles with, and then others that I'm expecting him to take time with, he just breezes through ! He had his second stage performance at his school Parents Day and did a wonderful job, considering how sad I was about it the previous year :). Other than that he's a big-time socializer which is a surprize to me as he definitely doesn't get it from me ;). The terrible threes for him have been mainly to do with stubbornness, which he mostly gets away with because of his charm (He knows to come and give you a hug and kiss when you are angry!), but we are trying to be stricter atleast most of the time :).

They both learn the good and the bad from each other so sometimes I don't know which traits came from whom :).

On my side, 2011 has been a big revelation for me about the Green scene in Bangalore. It started with trying to get tips on gardening through Facebook groups, and it went so much beyond. I've been composting since September, and also have the beginnings of a kitchen garden. It's all going to get bigger and better in 2012 :). Other than that the tussle of "If" I should think of finding a flexi-time job continues (as in the minds of most SAHMs I think!), but I am just too content with my life as it is to think more than fleetingly about this :). It's only the thought of having worked for 7 years, and now my break nearly going to be 7 years long which gnaws at me sometimes! Let's see if 2012 brings any new revelations on this front.

P.S.: I found that most of my resolutions had nothing much to do with mommyhood so those coming up on my other blog soon for those who read it ;).


  1. wow..Damita is so independent..I think I need to come to you for some training..carnatic vocal and karate sounds so gr8.
    good to hear about Shehan's progress at the Montessori..
    you sure have been bitten by the green bug big time. So, nice that you enjoy it..and also mostly content with the SAHM status..:-)
    Lovely round up, Aparna..wish you a more awesome 2012!!!

  2. happy new year to you as well!!! I admire all the stuff you are doing on greening your life - way to go! Me - I haven't doen anything other than starting to use krya!
    This was a nice round-up of the year gone by. Understand what you say about being in a comfort zone when it comes to work.
    D goes for karate and vocal? Cool!!! I just spoke to our paattu teacher here abt ads but currently she doesn't have enough kids of that age to start a we have to wait. One question - with her long day@school, homework and 2 classes (how many times a week are they or are they both on weekends?), does D get enough time to play/do nothing?

  3. Also, which is your other blog? Don't be shy of linking to it here :) Loyal readers will want to check it out :)

  4. @Uma - thank you :). Fingers crossed the contentment will last a while more!

    @Aparna - Krya was a great find, I'm not yet comfortable with using it for stained clothes, but for all normal washes it's definitely the way to go :). Classes - Karate is MWF, Carnatic is TueThu so right now it's nicely balanced but if the Music teacher reschedules something then it gets a bit of a drag so planning to tell her we don't mind missing but can't do extra stuff on Karate days ;). I find that too much time at home puts them in front of the TV too much, especially if they are at mom's place downstairs, so I prefer to have some activities where atleast I know they're being active, and in D's case her school friends are also along for both so she finds them fun too. S is the lucky guy who gets to go to the park while akka is at Karate :).
    Other blog is on blogspot too, don't write there much, usually only when I need to terribly vent about something ;).

  5. Hello Aparna !! Nice round up..and thanks for stopping..

  6. Thanks for dropping in Swathi :).

    It was nice reading your blog too, was just looking up the earlier entries, more at your blog!

  7. Loved the post. Even I feel so comfortable in my SAHM role that I sometimes feel guilty. But you never know what life has planned for you so I am going with the flow. You have given me a great idea about composting and the kitchen garden. Can't wait to try this in my new home.

    Do check out my blog and tell me what you think of the posts.

  8. Hi aparna. You've been tagged :) Have a look at my latest post. Hope you can take it up!