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Thursday, January 19, 2012

My first brownie :)

I just realized that I have never written about my all time favourite brownie recipe, and for want of something to write about at the moment I thought I might as well throw this one in :). This one makes no attempt at sounding healthy - has a nice amount of butter, sugar, only the maida/flour is low which makes it all the more rich. Don't have more than 1 in a day if you, like me, are forever trying to control your diet!

I started making these when I had just started baking. At that point I was always wondering if I had mixed the baking powder with the flour well enough or if I should have sifted it and so on, so when the recipe said no baking powder I knew I had to try it! It has completely become my no-fail brownie recipe and very good for putting me in a good mood after any other baking mishaps I might have ;).

For some reason I am unable to find the original recipe since I haven't referred to it for a while now(I wrote it down in my little green recipe book long back), so can't link to it. I have the measures in metric as I did not have a cup measure then (Note: this makes my present self who now owns cup measures and spoon measures feel very accomplished ;)).

My lovely new cup and saucer planter from My Sunny Balcony in the background

113 g butter (1/2 cup)
120 g chocolate (think this is equal to 1 cup if using cocoa powder, I've always used the choco slab)
    I used the Morde bar for the first time and wow it looks super
190 g powdered sugar (1 cup)
70 g flour (2/3 cup is the closest I can get - maybe I made a mistake originally)
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tbsp vanilla essence
2-3 eggs (depending on size)

Edit: Cup measures added

Pre-heat oven to 190 degrees C. If you have an oven that seems to overheat, try 180. Prepare the pan (I use a square one) and keep ready.

Melt the chocolate and butter in a saucepan on low heat, then keep aside. Beat the sugar, eggs and vanilla together for 10 mins on high speed (This is to make up for the baking powder, supposed to add all the air that you need :)). Then add the chocolate mixture and the flour with salt until just mixed (don't remove too much air!).

Pour into pan and bake for 35-40 minutes. Wait until cooled and cut into squares. Don't try to invert like a cake (I did that the first time!), just cut and scoop out the pieces. This amount makes about 16 one inch squares which don't last too long ;).


  1. Not fair! You can't gimme metric measures - i need cups! How do u weigh - do u have kitchen scales?
    How do u beat the sugar, eggs and vanilla - hand blender? I don't have one, will some strong whisking do? :)

  2. Oh and i love your planter!!!

  3. Aparna, yes I have a digital kitchen scale so used to find it easier to convert to metric and write stuff down :). I know it's irritating to some, so wanted to write down both measures, but couldn't find the recipe. But let me see if I can do a backward conversion and write them down :).

    Yes, beating is with a hand blender, a Siemens one that I bought loong ago when I visited Germany. This is the only recipe of mine which needs long time blending, yet it makes me feel so lazy that I feel like buying a stand mixer just for this ;).

    The planter is one of many that I got from MSB, longer post on that coming up later! And the award post too coming up really soon :).

  4. Anonymous12:11 AM

    Thanks for that, Aparna. Eagerly waiting for that post on MySunnyBalcony :)


  5. Loving the stuff Reena, will surely write that one soon :) !

  6. Thanks for sharing Aparna

  7. yummm...what if one doesn't have an OTG??? :-( can it be done in a simple microwave??

    1. See I never remember the threading even after enabling it :(...

  8. Uma, if you have a microwave which has convection I think it's nearly like an OTG, but the non convection microwave in my experience brings out stuff a bit dry so recipes don't come out as expected :(. I'm in fact doing research at the moment to find a microwave which will also do the job of the OTG as I want 2 boxes -> 1 box :).