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Sunday, January 22, 2012

I tomas you :)

S, who's generally very clear with his speech, he has been from a very young age, still has just those few mis-pronounciations which always melt my heart, like
"I tomas you I will do that" :).
When asked "Tomas?" he'll immediately correct to "No, no, I said pr-omise only!"

Another one is "prop-el" when he's trying to say "proper" :). This one even D hits me with sometimes - the r ending stuff sounding like l !!

Some of those little pieces of childhood which let us know our children are not yet all that grown up :).


  1. cute..:-)
    happy to see the number of posts increasing..:-)

    1. Thanks Uma, trying to capture the kid related memories even if the posts are short ones as I seem to be able to only remember one thing at a time :).

  2. cute!! Don't correct him, it's sooo endearing :)) Even D makes such bloopers, is it??
    I swear I get so depressed sometimes when I think how fast the kids are growing up.

  3. Thanks Aparna, yes most times I love hearing it and try to let it be ;). Yes even D especially at times when she is emotional and speaking fast about something!