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Friday, January 20, 2012

Versatile Blogger Award!

Thank you Thank you Aparna (No, I did not give it to myself!) - this is her of Adventures in Mommyland :). I'm very humbled and feeling a bit hypocritical at the moment, because as of now, forget about versatile blogging, any sort of blogging seems to be far from my reach :(.
But having 2 blog posts before this one in this new year, and both being different topics atleast, makes me feel somewhat better :). A big thank you to my dear mommy blogger friends Aparna and Uma who make me feel missed and made me build up my enthusiasm to write!
The rules are:

1. Nominate 15 fellow Bloggers. No hope for me here, as I'm sure EVERYONE I know has already been nominated for this one, but in case they haven't am putting down a few.
Kiran who just brought out a book "The Reluctant Detective" that I'm dying to get my hands on
Forever Mother whose posts I enjoy thorougly and hasn't written in a long time, I miss your posts!
Rohini who has been on a loooong break from blogging, but just saw a post from you about Kiran's book so I hope you'll take this up.
Obsessive Mom whom I love to read and versatile so describes the range of your posts !

2. Inform the Bloggers of their nomination. Will do soon after posting this!

3. Add the Versatile Blogger Award picture to your Blog Post - It's up there.

4. Share 7 random facts about yourself. Hmmmm....

1. I sing. Pretty decently I've been told. Used to sing on stage in college which was the first time I got over my stage fright! 

2. I hate clearing up! I am always leaving things around the place, and only the thought of trying to teach cleanliness to my children makes me clean up the little that I do. Of course also understanding the logistics of not being able to live among the large piles of stuff that would form in a few days ;).

3. I have recently discovered the joys of eating out of my own garden, even with just the 2 types of vegetables I've grown, it has been an awe inspiring experience. Many more coming up in 2012 hopefully.

4. I hate being interrupted when I'm reading a book. Some people seem to think that I am capable of reading while also having a conversation - No!

5. I love to bake! Something about the exactness of the measures and temperatures and timings of baking recipes appeals to my soul :). Not to mention the sweet results of labour.

6. I am very particular about needing my own space once in a while. If I feel I need a nap, or just some down time on my own to recharge my batteries I'll go ahead and do it without feeling guilty about it :).

7. Mmm... this is getting so tough! Oh yes, I learnt/realized this fact about myself quite recently while giving a medical history - I am more fond of fried foods than of sweets :O !! Can control sweet intake with some talking to myself, but show me a batch of bajjis or french fries or masala vadai and I've put on 2 kilos already ! 


  1. Thanks Aparna, will definitely take this up when things are a little less chaotic around these parts.

    1. I had a feeling you'd say that, but really a fan of your versatility so I couldn't make the list without thinking of you. Some other time then, but looking forward to reading those random facts :).

  2. did the tag!..
    so even you sing, wowowow!!!
    glad you can indulge in your "me time" without guilt..
    and eating out in your own garden sounds so awesome..

    hoping that this is a trigger for you to remain regular here..:-)

  3. Thanks Uma, lots of ideas in my head - hopefully some will translate :)

  4. Good going :)) Glad to see 2 posts from you today! You can sing? Did u learn formally??
    Of course your regular readers know that u can bake :))

    1. Thanks, Aparna :). Learnt formally Carnatic and Hindustani at various stages of life, but consider myself more a "Light Music" singer than anything else :).
      Random facts - didn't have to be unknown ones na ;) ?

  5. "Learnt formally Carnatic and Hindustani at various stages of life, but consider myself more a "Light Music" singer than anything else :)"
    same pinch here..I learnt carnatic classical and hindustani light music to be precise...

    1. That's so cool Uma, looks like we must get together for a musical evening sometime.. :)

  6. we should Aparna, am sure it will be fun!