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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

And miles to go...

Many people find it amazing (in a good way and otherwise) that I became a SAHM, "for" my kids, but I find sometimes find that even if I am technically "at home", I still have so much more I want to do where the kids (and me in a connected way) are concerned! Here are just some of them:

1. Teach D (and eventually S) to cycle - this one has been on my mind a lot lately. To me, cycling is a "must have" skill and though we bought a cycle for D when she was less than 5, somehow her attitude(scared!) and my putting it off haven't helped this enterprise :(. Finally I have resolved on taking off those damned training wheels and giving it one last try, and if that doesn't work this activity is definitely getting palmed off to hubby dearest ;).

2. Less laptop time when the kids/hubby are around - I tend to push the little work that I am doing from home to the last minute and the end of the day is when I'm diligently working at my deliverables :(. Need to plan it better so that I finish most of what I need to do within the first part of the day (which is also when I end up sitting and writing my own blog of course ;)).

3. Accept that I cannot nap any more - Or at least for the next zillion years until both kids start coming back at 3:45 or so. I am a person who needs a LOT of sleep, and needing to wake up early in the morning does not make me happy. I optimistically (that I always am) keep the alarm for 5 am, snooze it about 5 times to finally wake up by 5:45, that too with half closed eyes! Of course no nap means no late nights --> which is basically my big problem.

4. Become super mom - ok ok I just had to add that to the list. This means I actually get around to sending the bestest and most nutritious food (and never chapathi and jam, or curd rice and french fries :O), manage to coach D and S as and when they'll start needing it with school activities, along with still managing to do all my own stuff(gardening, baking, reading) - those are needed for my sanity ;).

Phew! Asking for much?

And let me end by finishing that title phrase from Robert Frost ".. before I sleep" :).


  1. Asking for much? I think so:)
    Funnily enuf, I had exactly the same convo with a friend in Mumbai today. We were wondering why we all have the need to be supermoms...why do we inflict this aspiration on ourselves? I don't think most of our moms were, yet we turned out ok did we not?
    But the cycling bit - i agree :) But its ok for them to take french fries to school once in a many other kids have an awesome baker/gardener/green mom at home?? :)

    1. Thanks Aparna, that makes me feel really good :).

      I agree we ask too much of ourselves, but I always have this vague feeling that if I aim really high, maybe I'll end up somewhere in between at least ;)

  2. curd rice and french fries :D apster u r super cool !

    1. I should have mentioned the french fries were the frozen type :P... quick is the keyword!

  3. Oh! I'll be cranky too, if I don't get to sleep in the afternoons :-(
    and this post reminds me, how far I've yet to go as a mom :-0

    1. Hmm.. you can imagine how cranky I've gotten lately! I'm literally needing breathing exercises to not bring it out on the kids... :(.

  4. good one aparna, luvd reading this.....completely agree to point 3. I also cant survive without a afternoon nap :( everyday I tell myself to get up early or skip the nap but cant and end up with piled up work from office and home :( wish I can stick to my dream schedule some day.

    1. I don't even know how you moms who work manage to do it all, so don't get me started! Hope you get your schedule worked out as you want soon too :)

  5. I want all this and more (the cycling can wait as far as Zoe is concerned) :-)

    And now something that might make you smile...
    A big Congratulations... You have just been nominated for THE LIEBSTER BLOG AWARD. You can view the details right here -

    Look forward to hearing from you...

    1. I am touched that you thought of me :). Have already visited the link and commented there.

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