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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Garden news - Seed planning

For week 3, a friend reminded me of the fact that I haven't done a garden update for a while. It gets a bit excessive if I post photos on FB as well as write about it on the blog, which is why I try to strike a balance (or I hope so at least :P)

But on thinking about it, I also realized that it would be useful for me to keep a track on the blog on my new year resolution of sprouting at least one batch of seeds every month. I am on the verge of doing it for this month, and here's the plan of the ones I'm going to try. And it's chilly time - Bhut Jholakia, Jalapeno, Red Fresno, Cherry Chilly, Kerala sambhar chilly (no clue what the actual variety name might be - looks light green like a bajji chilly but smaller and different shaped)

A few others like 2-3 tomato varieties, and a couple of gourds are also in the works. I will try sprouting 4-5 of each type, and I only intend to keep one (max) of each variety and give away the rest most probably at an event - Oota from your Thota that's happening in February :).

And of course I can't end with just a list of seeds ;), so here is a pic of today's harvest of lovely yellow cherry tomatoes :


  1. The cherry tomatoes look so luscious!! Do they taste just as yummy as the red ones? Do you use them in salads?

  2. Interesting!! I was thinking a bit of gardening from next month, once I am back from my vacation! Now I know whom to consult! Yeay :-D

  3. Wow ! They look surreal! Yummy!

  4. So cute are these :)

  5. wish I could transplant your blog directly into my flower pots :)