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Thursday, January 16, 2014

A Sentimental Day..

The word prompt for the week at Marathon Bloggers is "chance" and as I began writing this, I couldn't help but think that it was a bit of chance that we chose the Montessori school that we did for D. It is now our 7th year of association with the school!

Today I was invited to "observe" S at school, which usually happens about twice a year. Parents can observe the child's activities for half an hour and then have a short chat with the teacher. I was feeling quite emotional as this is S's last observation at the school before he goes off to "big" school next year. While browsing through my older posts that mention the school or the system, I found this one:

My first thought on reading this was - OMG he used to speak so much tamizh?!

Back to the subject, I can't imagine what a long way he's come and how much he's learnt in this amazing method of learning. The material covers such a wide range of subjects - take this Karnataka map they learn about for example:
Even I don't know most of those districts :P
They learn to add 4 digit numbers in a game format, and even activities like grating a carrot or sieving items of different sizes to separate the two. So many basic fundas that are going to serve them well in life, and makes our lives as parents easier too :).

I also wanted to share the speech I had written in 2010-11 when it was D's last year there:

With a lump in my throat at the end of the day, I wish the school lots of love and luck for the future and am sure they are going to grow as much as they aim to, and continue to nurture children the same as ever.


  1. I remember that speech...awesome that the school worked out so well for both D and S will also go to Kumarans next year?

    1. Yes that's the plan Aparna! Fingers and toes crossed at this point until we know for sure :).

  2. Love the comment above.. Aprana asks Aparna replies :-D. What a great idea to let parents 'observe'. Most schools would shy away from that. Going over to read your speech.

  3. I remember the speech too..:-) I had a lump in my throat too when I decided to put R in big school this year. But I'm happy with how he is being taught this year too. And, he's been learning quite a lot..actually should do a post on this...btw, I've a post up..breaking the jinx..hopefully this year I'll be writing more.