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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Counter goes back to Day 1!

I was thinking a couple of days back, as to what my triggers are for yelling and realized that on some days you just feel physically low and this puts you on edge. I usually deal with this by announcing to the kids in advance "Amma has a headache!" or "Amma wants to lie down, please play softly!", and this works most of the time as children are after all pretty considerate little people :). For the remaining 10% of the time when they just forget, a few extra breaths and pauses and I somehow make it through.

There comes a situation though when you might be on edge, for reasons not completely in your control, such as a family member falling sick or a minor emergency situation. At such a time, unfortunately my reminders or tips did not help .. or they did for about 25 mins, and I managed to lose it in the last 5. In my defense, it was not my worst level of yelling i.e. the hyperventilating type, and the kids quite took it in their stride as they realized I had a lot on my mind. But since this is exactly the kind of time when I wish to not transfer my feelings onto the kids, I decided with a sigh to reset my Orange Rhino Counter.

Day 1 starts again today, January 22nd. Do watch my counter on the right of the page contributed by fellow blogger Sirisha and cheer me on please. Incidentally it also coincides with a 30-day challenge on the Orange Rhino page so that is going to be my first goal as well. 30 days without yelling, and I'm counting on blogging to get all the tough days out of my system ;).


  1. I totally empathize. It's not easy and god knows, it's more challenging with two kids.

    Good luck with the reset and hugs for the emergency situation. Hope it works itself out.

  2. It's a tough one you've taken on Aparna. But we're here cheering you on. Best of luck.

  3. Been hoping to take up this challenge for a long time now :)

  4. Been planning to take up this challenge for a long time now. :)

  5. Anonymous5:55 AM

    even i have felt that one of my common trigger isof not getting enough time for me-time or if mood is not good. if we are happy through other means, the mother in us can really sail smooth, but there would be someone or the other, including us ourselves to make us unhappy at times..

  6. Thanks for dropping in Shailaja, Vidya and Archana, and for your good wishes :)

  7. Anonymous9:13 PM

    8 days already.. you completed one week!!! :D