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Thursday, January 30, 2014

A tough week..

I wrote a post on Positivity at the start of the year, and that's pretty much been my philosophy in life as well. I don't get alarmed all that easily, see the best side of things ... you get the idea. There are situations however, when you can feel so out of control that it is tough to stay all that positive. The one that I went through in the last week is when a loved one is in the hospital.

Once someone is admitted, you do need to pass over some control to the caregivers at the hospital, but it is also important to stay clued in and have an idea of what exactly is going on. This gets really tough in the present day scenario when you are faced with one specialist after another, each more interested in handling their part of things (the body?), and you end up wondering if SOMEBODY has the big picture in mind at all! Well, I am thankful to say, that this is one hospital visit where even if I feel frustrated from time to time, I have been able to make my views very clear. I keep pestering the docs and nurses for a complete view, and point out when there are inconsistencies between opinions. For example, even before a surgery was a certainty, there is some pressure to finish all the pre-requisite lab tests. Why should we end up bothering the patient and paying for those additional tests, if the surgery doesn't come about? Just for the ease of scheduling from the hospital and doctor's need, but who's checking from the patient's point of view? It's only our own responsibility to be aware and do the same. The nurses only needed a gentle questioning from my end, and did not force us whatsoever into doing the test, but if folks are not aware they would have just agreed to anything that was suggested thinking that it was a required clinical investigation. A big thanks to hubby for a contact in the hospital management whom I can turn to in extreme situations, which I didn't use much but it's good to know that there's a fallback option.

Of course I am very aware that the biggest reason that I was able to retain some degree of control and comfort was also because *fingers crossed* this was not an extreme emergency situation, and also did not led to a surgery scenario. That could have been a whole different ball game, and can lead to a lot more frustration and worries.


  1. can totally understand the helplessness and frustration in such situations, Aparna. Hugs and glad that everything turned out OK in the end..

  2. Staying calm and collected in these situations can be very tough. Glad that you managed to keep your cool. Things can only get better now. Hugs...