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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

G is for Gardens :)

To a gardener, G has to stand for gardens :). Let me digress from my ordered travelogue to write about some of the gardening experiences I had on this tour..

Climbing the 400 steps up to Coit Tower in San Francisco got much easier once I saw the greenery on the way ;). These giant nasturtium leaves caught my attention immediately. And yes, my kids were such good sports they climbed with me with only a wee bit of complaining!

These pics are from a friend's place where I stayed in Fremont.

Strawberry Tower
Broccoli looking super healthy
Waiting for those cabbages
The next pics are from Sea World at San Diego where I must have been the only one more interested in this small garden space :).

Artichoke - I'm fascinated when I see them using it in cooking shows

Swiss chard - I was almost tempted to swipe some seeds :)

After hearing so much about the gloomy weather in Seattle, I was amazed to find clear sunny skies and the most amazing greenery all around. This tree just amazed me with its majesty.


  1. lovely clicks. As you said, a gardner will never fail to appreciate the greens.

  2. U dint swipe seeds? :(

  3. Thanks Uma and Mary :). Mary, I already have seeds for most of those except artichokes which I'm pretty sure of never using ;).