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Monday, June 30, 2014

The broken promise - Drabble Week #1

It was the morning after the first fallen tooth! D woke up and came to me with a disappointed look "Why didn't the tooth fairy visit me?".
A broken promise! I had forgotten to perform my job as the fairy's messenger. And I said to her "Don't worry, she's just late! She'll be here tomorrow.".

55-er written as a part of the Drabble Week challenge at my Marathon Bloggers group. Taking a break from my travelogue, but need to complete that soon as well :P.


  1. Now that's a cute take on the prompt :)
    And you were worried for nothing :)

  2. that was a very sweet one, Aparna! loved this :-)

  3. Thanks Uma and Shailaja!

  4. Shake hands again. I did it two days in a row once!