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Sunday, June 15, 2014

L is for Liberty

 In the interest of my sanity, I am going to criss-cross over the rest of the letters a bit ;). Else I am never finishing this travelogue or I'm just going to forget large parts of it. I'll still try to cover all the letters, but not in order.

After our Niagara tour, we got back to New York to the same hotel for the remaining couple of days there. I had booked the Statue of Liberty tour for our last remaining day in New York, and that's what we did. Thinking that it would be tough for the kids to get to the crown (354 steps), I had booked only the pedestal tour but there were 215 steps even to get that far! I was the one who huffed and puffed the most of course :P.

New York skyline during the Ferry ride

First glimpse
There was a museum at the pedestal level that spoke of the interesting history of the statue

Zoomed out view that shows the tourists swarming like ants at the base

Skyline on the ferry ride back - the grey clouds adding to the contrasts
 We took the ferry from the Jersey State Park, thinking it would be the closer point for us from our North Bergen hotel. On the way back you can take the ferry back to NY as well, and that's where we did, getting off at Battery Park. Met a friend of G's who showed us around the Wall Street and the Twin Towers area, which we might have missed if not for a guide like him.
I've always been fascinated by tulips, never tried growing them though
The Bull of Wall Street
And that was the end of our NY part of the experience. Next stop Bay Area.


  1. Anonymous9:56 AM

    Loved this, Aparna. Our trip was similar, although I don't recall the pedestal bit. Maybe I missed it. Looks like the kids enjoyed the ride :)

    1. Yes they did Shailaja :). Thanks!