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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Off to school !

D joined her new school on 8th June (Wednesday), and we had decided to send her off in the school bus/van  from the first day itself, all the better for her to get used to the schedule. Little did I know, that I would be the one taking longer to adjust to this new way of things :(.

Having been used to dropping the kids off at school (the nearby one) until now, I felt strangely fidgety all day to not KNOW where she was at all times !! I kept thinking -"She must have finished breakfast", "Finished lunch" and so on and so forth - the entire day!! Thankfully the school sent us a message when the buses left in the afternoon, so I felt like I was getting some information about her atlast, and rushed off to the bus stop to wait for her return :).

Was wondering if the early start would make her feel very tired by the time she got back, but surprizingly she as well as all the kids from the stop seemed to be in quite good spirits :). Everyday she tells me small tidbits of what's happening, but overall seems to be having a nice, non-tense beginning to her big school life.

Some of her descriptions after the first 3 days -

When asked about her class teacher:
She's nice but sometimes quite strict amma, she scolds us when we talk too much !

When asked about other subject teachers and classes:

Sports Sir taught us to stand in a line today - we were all so tired after that, that I finished all my water :).

Maths ma'am was guessing some of our names (?), then we played games in the class.

Pottery is something she's really looking forward to - everyday she came back and reported "Today also no Pottery amma, maybe it'll be there on Monday!"


  1. aww..little girl growing big...good she's enjoying school..

  2. Ahh..the first days of school!!!I guess the excitement is always there right through high school and even college.Yes, it is an adjustment phase for the parent..i agree, i still go through it the first week after the summer hols:p.

  3. Thank you Uma and Vai :).

    The funniest thing was last evening (Sunday) when I was the one to say "Aiyoo tomorrow's Monday!" not my daughter - she was quite excited to go back to school :). What more can you ask for?

  4. Wow! She's in big school already. Congrats.
    It's quite an achievement for them and for us as well, in our own ways I guess.
    Glad she likes it and is looking forward to it -- it's so much more better than to have a howler who'll cling to the door!
    My best friend's dot too joined big school this year and on the first day she called me and almost cried, wondering "Am I torturing her sending her so far off in the van?" We moms will always feel those pangs -- at whatever stage the kids are and for whetever decisions we make for them...i guess!

  5. Hey Forever Mother - Definitely missed you, welcome back :).

    Fingers crossed - things are still looking good. Apparently for the first 2-3 years they have quite an easy time of it, so I'm hoping for some peaceful times until they start raining tests and more "actual studying" on their heads ;) !!

  6. Hi Aparna,
    It's so funny that I stumbled on this article an hour after sending my 4 year old off to a "big" school. I totally understand how you feel coz am already feeling that way. Wondering if he reached school ok, what he must be doing... Till March he was in a pre-school going to school from 9-11:30. Now he has to take the school bus (school transport in mandatory) 12kms to his school. Bus picks him up at 7:30am & will only drop him back at 3:45pm. Scared that it is too long of a day for a 4 year old (PPI)! I hope he enjoys it as much as your daughter is enjoying her school! Thanks for the post, it really made me feel better. Can't wait to hear what he has to say after his first day.

  7. hi Ratika,

    Welcome and thanks for reading! I hope your son also had a great first day in school.

    The journey was one thing I was most worried about, but found that my daughter adjusted to it quite quickly probably because of having fun with the other kids on the bus :).

  8. Good going! Quite a good idea to send her off in the bus from Day 1 itself. Hope she continues to like and enjoy school.

  9. Yes Aparna, fingers crossed all is going well. She seems to have made friends, and comes back quite cheerful everyday :).