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Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Party Time !

The long pending birthday post is here :). I've been caught up with D's first day of school (today) which fingers crossed is going well - I find that I'm finding it very difficult to deal with the fact that she's off in the school bus at 7 am, and the next I'll see of her is at 2:30 or 3, with no idea of what's going on in between! Well nearly no idea, of course I know when she has her breaks and so on, but otherwise aaaaah the first few days are really going to be tougher for me than for her (I hope!). Ok ok getting to the birthday now!

This year we decided to do a small party at home as D's now old enough to have her own friends and had very decided ideas whom she wanted to call :). Of course this list was reduced a bit, as I told her I only wanted to invite people living in the same area else it gets tough to coordinate when you don't know the parents of the child personally and only your kids are friends (bad birthday experience couple of years back will always stay in my memory!).

She decided which cake she wanted, after going through the voluminous albums in the cake shop and of course negotiations with yours truly ;). I planned a couple of games trying to accomodate kids of all ages so simple stuff like Passing the parcel, Pinning the tail on the donkey (my masterpiece ;))! Food was kept simple and we were all set!
Side Note: Simple Sandwich recipe - chop cucumber and tomatoes finely, add mayonnaise and salt and use as a filling for wheat bread - Yum :).

Nearly everyone we had invited came and quite early too which was great. The donkey was a big success though overall we couldn't play too many games, as children and families came and went at slightly different times according to their schedules. But overall D was very happy and enjoyed everything which was what I was aiming for. 


  1. awww..she's looking so sweeet...:-) touchwood! seems like a lot of fun! And that's a cool drawing of the donkey..quite an artist you are..

  2. Thanks Uma :) I was rather proud of the project cos I usually never get into these artwork kind of assignments!! Practice for having a schoolgoing child also I guess for all those art and science projects to come!!

  3. happy (belated) birthday wishes to D! I love these homemade simple parties - so much more fun! Tho more work for mom!

  4. Thank you Aparna!
    I have definitely come around to the view that home parties are much better and more in our control compared to arranged ones. When you have a big guest list, outside may be the better option, but if it's a mainly kids event, home is good even if more work like you say :).

  5. Hey just saw ur comment on my "non-party" post. So did u do a party this year for D and not last year? Was she ok with not having one last year?

  6. Yes, that's how it was Aparna. Her 4 yrs party was an outside event, and I got really bugged about the number of people who said they would come and didn't land up. So the next year I told her we'd do an "only family" party, we did cut a cake but literally nothing else.

    S's birthday is a couple of months before hers, and we did the same low-key theme for him too. Maybe because of that, D accepted it quite easily :).

  7. Ok, thanks for clarifying...