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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sibling Conversations 1 - a sequel

Please read this one first if you haven't - Sibling Conversations - 1

This is from a couple of days later. I tell S to empty his bag - take out his snack box, water and keep them for wash near the kitchen sink. Much to my surprize he actually does it immediately (What is it about these tasks - kids take to them wonderfully when they are a novelty then within a few days will resist them like crazy ;) ). I can make a list starting from flushing the toilet to clearing up their room, but that was not the point of this post !

After a couple of minutes, I look for the napkin that I had sent along with his bag and it's missing.

Me: S, Did you put the napkin for wash?
S: No! I'm hanging it like a monkey - it's in the bathroom!!!

He had actually spread it out to dry along with the handwash napkins as it was a little damp :). I am of course all teary eyed and proud, and tell D all about how her brother has learnt such a nice thing from her !! In the hope that there will be more such knowledge transfers without my involvement of course ;).


  1. wow...look at that! super fast learning and without much headache for parents..some things are easier with kid number two, right?

  2. Heh heh - good luck - now your job is to keep motivating D to transfer knowledge :)

  3. Hi aparna, have tagged u in my latest post, just a headsup :)

  4. @Uma - Yes that's definitely true.. but there can still be many many surprizes :).

    @Aparna - Once again, welcome back! Yes I really hope for that to be the case - from how to eat to how to clear up their room - wishful thinking ;)..