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Wednesday, June 01, 2011

And the time just flies !

My dear D turned 6 yesterday and I was reminiscing all day today as to how I or rather we as a family got to this place ...

6 and a half years ago I was a total high flying pregnant to-be-mom with a complete plan in place. 3 months of maternity leave + 2 months of accumulated leave (who ever took time off pre-kids!) and after 5 months I would be all set to go back to work. I even had a plan all worked out to work half-days for a couple of months before getting back to full time status! Had a full-time maid arranged who seemed competent enough - All Set or so I thought :).

And then SHE was born.. only a parent can understand that feeling when you look into your first-born's face.. and I just melted..!! The thought of this tiny bundle and her personality being molded by someone other than me or hubby just didn't seem to make sense any more.. had some thoughts of a one-year sabbatical, but I was advised that it's better to take a break and come back if and when I wanted to - which was the most sensible advice I ever got - because one year passed.. and I was the most content SAHM ever.. much to the surprize of many who knew me in my working years.. :).

Maybe it is to do with the fact that the kind of instant validation you get with parenting is not something you always see in your working life.. some amazing women manage both with panache.. but I was never a good multi-tasker and knew I would need all my patience in my home life else my child(ren) would face the brunt of it :).. In any case - after 6 years of parenthood I am sure of one thing - this is one decision I will never look back on with regret! Much thanks to hubby dear for being supportive of this decision from day 1 and all along :)

This post has become a senti one I see.. more birthday facts and photos in the next one :).


  1. Firstly, belated wishes to dear Damita..wishing her many more wonderful fun-filled years..and wow...loved this! I admire you for being a SAHM for 6 is a difficult duty 24/7.
    Here I am constantly oscillating between my decision to continue as one or work from home for a couple of hours, just to retain some sanity..:-)
    waiting for the snaps..

  2. Thanks so much Uma! To be completely factually correct I did do a little freelance work from home for a couple of years in between, but very loosely defined and flexible so didn't really feel like work at all :).

  3. I agree with you...I am a good multitasker but only when all the tasks are small ones :) Still have serious doubts about managing the big tasks - home+kids+work successfully. Like u say, the kids and husband would have to bear the brunt of it all!

  4. Thanks Aparna :).