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Saturday, June 15, 2013

A new life is always exciting!

And I'm talking about my garden of course :).. I honestly feel plants need more taking care of than babies.. as babies grow up and learn to do things like drinking water and milk themselves, but with plants you have to continue to do the watering and feeding for a long long time :P.

I had a lot of lows in the garden over the last few months, especially with leaf curl refusing to leave, and though I'm not completely sure if it has eased up yet, at least SOME things seem to be growing. Here are some snapshots which is always the easiest way to convey what's going on :)
Guava nearly ready to pluck, so what if I get only 4-5 every season I appreciate every one of them!
Sold to me as Israeli Oranges, finally deciphered to be Kumquats
No matter how many times you have seen beans germinate, it remains a fascinating sight!
The box contains Arka Suvidha, Pelandron and Winged beans - all seeds from Annadana
The photo might look like a repeat, but this is the number of chillies on the plant after I harvested the last lot!
Forcing me to add more "spice" to life ;)
Kale in the making
I thought I had killed this orchid off, but it decided to come back to life!
I do love my colours :).. though my need for brightness is mostly supplied by my veggie flowers I still love a few flowering plants and succulents on my terrace, here are some:

Here's to the monsoons and some "automatic" watering for my plants soon !!


  1. and more wow!!! :-)))

  2. I love love love that guava! Recently had fresh ones off the tree at my aunt's house and they were gorgeous. Once I settle in the new place, you have to give me a session on how to start my garden :)

  3. Beautiful! It is so nice to see such vibrant colours in your garden.

  4. Hi Aparna,

    I saw your blog and the pictures of your veg/fruit garden. I too am interested in growing zucchini & broccoli but was unable t procure seeds/plants in bangalore. i have tried lalbaugh.
    If you have any idea please let me know.

  5. you also have green fingers, Reena

  6. Oh Aparna! You are truly a green goddess! I sigh as I look through your pictures...My brinjals and tomatoes are dying and I watch them not knowing what to do...Gotta ping you on PM for some lessons