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Sunday, June 02, 2013

Blog-a-prompt Day 7 - Addiction

Wow it seems like we have reached the end of Blog-a-Prompt week already and it has been such fun!! It was good to get a lot of things out of the system, under the pretext of the prompt ;). And here's my last chance, until the next prompt at least!

The topic for Day 7 is Addiction, and though I feel pretty addicted to blogging thanks to the prompts, there are a couple of other addictions that give me pangs of guilt so I wanted to put those down.

First and worst of them all - Facebook!! I was at this stage when I used to keep clicking on every group even if I saw 1 new notification - yes it was bad :P. I have got past that now, thankfully and though I still spend a lot of time there, I make it a point to spend stretches of time offline completely or off from FB. It's an ongoing struggle and I have a long way to go to strike that balance, but I think the worst is definitely past :).

My next biggest time-stealer - TV shows. I have quite a set of them built up over the years, the one I've been seeing the longest being Grey's Anatomy which is in it's 9th season. This is not counting some of my reality shows that keep going from strength to strength and that I usually end up watching most seasons of. There are very few like the Amazing Race that I actually stopped watching as it was getting a wee bit repetitive to watch people racing across the world :P. Others like Masterchef Australia are my all time favourites and I keep waiting for the next season to start. I do know that I don't have time to watch zillions of shows every week, so sometimes I just download them and watch many episodes at one go. Other days, I end up sitting up late when I know that's going to backfire on me the next morning. You win some, you lose some I guess!


  1. hahahaa...i just wrote abt the same addiction man! i can so relate to it!

    1. We have so much to discuss, not to mention I have to get my hands on one of your delectable looking bakes ;). When do we meet? :)

  2. Wow We all are so alike in some way :D We all wrote about TV show addictions ..hehe

  3. Grey's Anatomy - check
    Amazing Race - check
    Masrerchef Australia - check
    All in the past though. These days no time and partly because of the no recording TV in the service apt :( need to catch up on all these soon.