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Friday, June 14, 2013

Just like you!

It seems like it has been ages since I wrote anything, so I thought it was time to pull something out of my drafts :).

D was telling me about her ballet class, and suddenly the discussion shifted to how "thin" some of her teachers were. And she burst out with:
"But I don't want to be that thin when I grow up! I want to be like you!"
I jokingly said:
"Are you calling Amma fat?"
And she says:
"No no! You're juuust right!"
What a lovely phase this is when kids consider you to be perfect, I wonder how long it lasts ;)!


  1. Oh so sweet!!
    Tho I must say that even from an adult PoV I think u'r just right! :)

  2. perfect na! u r lady! comeon!

  3. Awwww that is so so sweet!! I wonder how long this does last, coz sometimes I see signs of my little one being not so happy with what mom and dad so or say. Maybe that is a part of growing up. When I look back at my childhood I realize that judging our parents came very late in life, say around the time I started working. Before that it was always whatever mommy, daddy say is just fine. And when I say judging, doesn't mean in a negative way. I would say more like I realized that my parents have their own flaws and they are not perfect :)