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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Kidspeak - always entertaining :)

Conversation with S this morning:

S: I love butterflies so much. I think I like butterflies most of all, they are so colourful and pretty! What do you like best Amma?
Me: (On cue!) I like you and D the mooost my darling.
S: (Recovering quickly) And I like butterflies, Appa, you, Damita....

LOL, definitely the salesman of the family ;).


  1. Kids make great diplomats. When asked who she loves the most, Gy always responds with, "You and Appa!" Ah, the innocence of pure love. Will cherish it for as long as it lasts ;)

  2. lol...nice to hear about my house the sharks, dinosaurs, and whales get the first preference ;-)