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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Day 1 - Fly

So it's back to a Marathon Bloggers challenge to revive my blog a bit :).. the idea is to pick a photo that illustrates the theme, and also to write about it.

An old pic, but one that came to mind as soon as I saw this theme. The first thing I thought of for the theme of "Fly" was something I've been pondering on recently. I have tried very hard to make the kids independent in most things that they can accomplish at the age they're at. This means not-so-efficient baths, the same socks worn thrice in a week(picked up immediately after every wash, not unwashed :P), waiting an extra couple of minutes for "help" in setting the table instead of doing it myself.. and so on. Of course, the more work it takes off my shoulders I'm happy ;).

When the kids actually get ready to "fly" and start doing more and more stuff on their own, then comes the heartbreaking part for the parent - to just let them be and not hover over their shoulder - I'm going to have a tough time of that when they are teenagers :P, but still looking forward to every bit of it!

And meanwhile,
"Time is flying never to return." - Virgil


  1. This is every mom's paradoxical wish- let them go and yet, hold on to them. Love the way you worked it into the theme, Aparna :)

  2. I can completely identify. I complain all day that the kids depend too much on me yet when they tell me 'Mama don't come to the buststop to pick us up' I kind of feel not nice!

    1. Tulika, You're kidding! Gy said that to me not two weeks ago!

  3. The training goes on and on isn't it :)

  4. currently as a mum to a hyper 3 year old, I cant seem to feel the same :P I want her to be a lil bit more independent and fly a bit .. hehe but I know the grass aint greener on the other side too

  5. Good thought regarding makibg kids help themselves from rarly age .. nice !

  6. Thanks so much folks..:)