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Friday, February 21, 2014

Day 5: Tea

The picture will have to be taken when I make my evening tea but here's what the theme first brought to mind :). Tea has always been a favoured drink in our family, even if South Indian, with coffee being the first drink of the day but tea dominating the rest of it. After being married to a Malayali, the tea influence became even stronger :). I started with learning to make the low-milk tea, then learnt the more milky version, and now I dare say I have a combination all my own ;).

I have always been fascinated with different types of teacups, usually possessing 2-3 "daily" sets at any point in time. Along the way I realized that heavier cups or those with a square rim may look brilliant but can be inconvenient to use everyday. Some clicks of my current favourites:

Bone china bought as 2 pieces each in 3 lovely colours, now only 1 red and 1 yellow remain, will have to be replenished soon :).

My Warli teacups that I am very fond of, but again as they are made of clay, these are quite fragile as well and I have already lost a couple to cracks.

Again clay, love the elegant design, a gift from my mom-in-law :).


  1. You won't believe this! I actually snapped four of my tea cups, varying in size and colour, as the initial idea for the prompt!

    Love the Warli ones!

  2. Yeah me too... love the Warli ones. I guess all of us have our own milk-water proportion and it's just that one that seems perfect.

  3. Love the warli and the clay cups!

  4. Thanks so much all, sorry for being so late with my responses!