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Monday, February 24, 2014

Parenting 101?

So today turned out to be a day of reading vastly varying parenting articles, got to know of all of them through FB of course ;).

The first one that I read with much head-nodding:
Killing off Supermom
This one resonated with me sooo much, as I completely agree with the type of parenting it talks about. Does hearing about the perfect parents who spend insane hours in a day planning and encouraging their child's development make me feel inadequate at times? It occasionally still does, but I am definitely aiming to be the antithesis of Supermom - someone who can be happy myself and also do the best I can for the kids, not be consumed in just my mommyhood.

The next was:
Stop the Lies about Parenting
This one I started out nodding along with, as I agree with the basic premise that you cannot define your identity just with being a parent, and that parenthood is not blissful all along. But somewhere along the way, I felt like there was some sort of bitterness, almost as if the author is talking about someone who got fooled into becoming a parent - expecting just the rosy stuff, and then it was too late to go back once you're in the middle of it. My indignation might have come from the fact that I took my time deciding to be a parent, until I was absolutely sure. I was never a baby person so I had to figure out if I was ready to raise my own! This meant being prepared for a complete lifestyle change, including (in my case) putting my career on the back burner. I made my peace with my decision and was super clear about it, so that might be a reason why the views in the article began to not make sense to me any more. Not to mention, I would NOT base such a major life decision on an arbitrary quote by Aishwarya Rai Bachchan ;).

And finally, a rebuttal to the above article:
(Some) truth about parenting
Back to head nodding again, to me the author came across as a chilled out mom who loves her kids but loves her own space as well. More power to her!

Hope you had fun reading them all as well :). Let me know what you think!

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