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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Day 2 - Streets

Hmm.. so I felt quite blank thinking of this theme, and then the first thing that came to mind was how my driving skills have improved trying to negotiate between two parked vehicles that leave "just" enough place for one car to go through. Of course I hold my breath until I have actually passed through ;), sometimes wishing my car was an old khatara that I could just bang into folks like these to teach them some civic sense!

For the photo though, decided to focus on the positive instead ;). And thanks to a fellow blogger's suggestion, here's me being thankful for living on one of the few roads to still possess a tree canopy :)


  1. So true about the tree canopy! I see so many streets being denuded of this pleasure :(

  2. Lol.. you want a khatara! Each time you write about your driving skills I feel envious. Love those greens.

  3. Thanks Shailaja and Tulika :)