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Monday, September 27, 2010

Crazy Homework Day :(

Today's one of THOSE days. When I don't understand if
  1. I am terribly short on patience,
  2. D is just being difficult,
  3. Or if the homework consists of something she hasn't done or hasn't understood at school !
We kept erasing, and I kept explaining and she once again came back with a quizzical face and so many mistakes - and this was in maths - addition - which she usually does in no time! At the end of it, of course I totally lost my cool and told her to ask Aunty (her teacher) to explain it to her once more.

Thankfully there are days when without my telling her to even do her homework she sits down and does it and brings beautifully written work to show me after it's done !! The memory of those keeps me sane on days like this :).

I think to myself - "OMG if this is the way it is at UKG level, how will it be as she gets older!!"

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