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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Rushing here, there, everywhere!

Scene at home this morning:

7 AM: Both children are awake earlier than usual. I think "Aha! We'll be ready for school wonderfully in time!"

8 AM: D is eating breakfast after finishing her milk half an hour back. S still drinking (or refusing to drink) his milk

8:15 AM: D is done with breakfast. I think "Great! Atleast one of them will be done in time"

8:40 AM: S starts breakfast (he has to be in school by 9:45)

9 AM: Time for D to go to school. She's not yet ready. The last 45 minutes have just flown by with doing everything else except what is needed to get ready (e.g. dancing in front of the mirror instead of going for her bath when the water's kept ready)

9:10 AM: Go to drop D at school. S still eating breakfast. (Their school is 5 minutes away from home so I go drop D, come back and get S ready and take him to school)

9:20 AM: No sign of S having finished eating. Finally rush to get him finished and reach school by 9:50 AM.

Thankfully they go to a school nearby and I am able to do the running up and down (or driving up and down) without too much trouble but on a day like today I'm just ready to tear my hair out (isn't it doing the job of falling out just fine on its own!).

Add to this that I go to pick up S at 12pm which is when I also deliver D's lunch, and then go to pick up D at 3pm and I feel like "It may be nearby, but this is just too much commuting!". Waiting for S to settle down better so he can leave at the same time as D, but that'll take a little while more apparently :(. I know that'll make it more of a rush in the morning to get him ready earlier, but I'm hoping that'll be better and i'll atleast have more of the morning to get other things done instead of this running up and down.

When D starts going to a "big" school next year for her 1st std, this schedule will change drastically as I'm guessing she'll be leaving sometime between 7 to 8 depending on where she's going.


  1. Eeeks
    Now I know where that feeling came from....
    You run up and down to school so many times? You are getting great exercise but when you're doing it on such a purposeful mission, I guess it's just tiring.
    Here's a virtual pat on the back for all that patience with two little ones.
    Forever Mother

  2. Afraid I can't take credit for the exercise :( It's mostly driving and very occasional walking cos the time would become even more hectic otherwise!
    Thanks for the pat - will really help get through the rest of the day :)

  3. How.... how.. how.. Do you have the energy to make these frequent trips...
    Just the daily trip back from V's school to home is tiring enough. i do walk in summers which just increases my tired feeling!

  4. Thanks for your comment Garima.

    In the beginning I thought it wouldn't be a big deal cos the school is "just" 5 mins away. But combined with trying to get the kids ready and out the door on time it does turn into quite an exercise!!