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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Birthday? Not for me!!

And no it's not because of the cliched reason of becoming an year older and all that.. but because the last couple of my birthdays have had such a terrible track record! In 2009 the entire family was down with varying degrees of some stomach infection. And this year S has been so sick that my birthday passed by on a miserable note and I wished I could have said like earlier years when someone asked me what I was doing -"Nothing special. Just like any other day!"

It's like the powers above decided that since I never make a big deal of birthdays anyway, they would pour on the negative vibes so that I end up remembering it atleast for that reason :(. And that's why I am so not looking forward to my next!


  1. Oye Miss Aparna

    Arrey...what's all this negative vibes business ya? Cheer up. May the sun shine on you and your family and may there be many beautiful days.
    Hope S gets better and you're all back on life's happy track.
    Warm hugs and best wishes for your birthday
    Forever Mother

  2. Thanks for the shout out Forever Mother and for the wishes of course :).
    It was a bad week last week and of course gloomy weather literally ALL THE TIME! Thankfully by the end of the week, S is reasonably better and so i feel like my head is out of the daze and the weather also brightens up once in a while so that feels nice :).