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Thursday, September 16, 2010

It's contagious even when it's not!!

What is it with children and sickness.. you start feeling sick more because of seeing them sick than by actually picking up the infection from them.. I've been in such a terrible frame of mind all day today.. all food tasted bad, all music seemed loud and irritating - in general I felt nauseous and on the brink of a migraine (which I don't get much of!).

S has been having  ups and downs the entire week - the first couple of days he seemed to be bouncing back and I was congratulating myself on having avoided any strong medication, but before I could get too complacent, he just went totally down as of yesterday. He's really tired, has no appetite because of a bad cough and just wants to be carried "by amma" or "by appa" everywhere. Now Appa was not available so Amma was the default choice all day and I am not generally a carrying type person so my arms are not feeling good at the moment!

Keeping fingers crossed for some miraculous recovery by tomorrow or else I will be doing the usual rounds of paediatrician/pharmacy yet again by tomorrow morning:(. Not a good idea to wait until the weekend which is when the doctors waiting rooms are the most crowded!

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