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Sunday, September 05, 2010

Pangs of separation..

How do our babies get all grown up with us noticing it?!! My darling baby girl is now an independent little person :). She just went for a full day picnic and though we were apprehensive about how she would handle it (this is the longest she's been away without any family around), she had quite a ball. Made new friends, came back full of stories and even a large golden cup !!

Just as I had expected I was the one feeling the separation the most - the feeling was somewhat similar to when they start going to school. You hope that they'll settle down soon, then feel like they don't need you as much as they used to :O !!

My dear D, like many other children out there I'm sure, doesn't take to new experiences very easily. We had to build up this day quite a bit, not the least starting from how she can go for the picnic as she's a "grown up" 5 years, whereas her brother can't yet go (the minimum age was 5 years). This was a church organized picnic, and thankfully her Sunday school teacher who she's very fond of was also there all along which really helped ease the way for her. Other than that I think many of the older children also do a great job of befriending the younger ones and making it a fun time for the younger ones. My heartfelt thanks to all who helped make it an enjoyable experience for D, as the first picnic should always be a memorable one :).


  1. Anonymous10:54 PM

    The first picnic. nice post :)

    Hi Aparna, This is Nishant.

    I have gone through your blog. you write well. I need to talk to you regarding your articles. please get back to me and we can discuss in detail.

  2. Yayaya agreed...oh those pangs.
    And to think all the while we were waiting for them to do just that -- grow up, become independent. And when they do, you want to kind of cocoon them back, huh?
    Picnic sounds good..what fun!
    cheers on a new milestone

  3. @Nishant - Thanks for your appreciation. Further on mail.

    @Forever Mother - Thanks - cocoon is completely the right reference :).

  4. How true... "Just as I had expected I was the one feeling the separation the most"
    Its weird.. they grow up fast.. and we dont agree to grow as fast as they are.. for us.... they will be babies!

  5. Yes Garima - it's only when you have kids that you understand your mother's sentiments towards you I guess :).