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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Spoon Vs. Hand

D now goes to school upto 3 o'clock and has a half hour lunchtime. I try to give her stuff that's simple to eat, but once in a while also something like curd rice and vegetables, which she manages to polish off pretty well using a spoon within half an hour. But mealtimes at home - that's another story altogether!!

I was always very particular that she should learn to start eating with her hands as soon as possible, and she actually does a very good job of this - but only when she's in the mood :). If she's just feeling like playing around she can literally eat grain by grain and make one meal last upto 3 hrs !! It's beginning to make me think that maybe using a spoon might not be a bad option after all because you've atleast got to take some amount of food in each spoonful or atleast I hope she will not find a way around this too ;).


  1. Hey... They will figure out a way around the spoon.
    My daughter loves to eat with a spoon. She is a clean freak and prefers to not eat rice etc. with hands. When she eats roti-sabzi she keeps a napkin handy!
    Whats it with schools and good eating habits?
    At home, we have similar battles/ concerns! Urgh!

  2. Hey Garima, Same thing with my daughter too - she used to be so finicky that if I gave her a chapati or roti rolled with jam, she used to fuss if her hands became sticky :). But now she's a pro eater with her hands as that's how we all eat at home, and she was eager to follow everybody's example.