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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

How do they get so smart.. ?

These days one of the most common things I say to D is - "Enough with the smart answers!". For anything I have to say to her, especially when I am angry and trying to get a point across, her strategy is to pick at the one thing out of place in my comment, and "smartly" point it out ! For example,

Me: Careful with those pants
D: But I'm wearing jeans amma !

.. You get the idea :).

But this one I had to admire. She was looking through her textbooks(Class I) as I was covering them, and there was  an exercise to make sentences about animals (matching animals with some given phrases).. so her first sentence was "The elephant came into the house".

Me: But won't an elephant be too big - see how small our entrance is?
D: Maybe it was a baby elephant !
Me: (Speechless for some time of course) This is one smart answer I really liked ! :).


  1. smart..
    kids are curious creatures and thrive on learning newer things..I guess easy exposure to the well of knowledge these days enable them to apply their learning too. Having smart mothers help too :-)

  2. Very smart indeed...
    And shreeny always says, with our kids not being smart is not the problem...Being over-smart is......

  3. Uma, Thank you :). Yes I agree children nowadays have so much exposure to everything. The words and phrases that come out of D sometimes leave me really amazed (mostly in a good way thankfully :)). And of course the last part too ;).
    Sudha, Completely agree with that statement! Damita nowadays is just a continuous flow of statements and questions - I have a new rule now - I will answer only one question every five minutes !! :).