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Saturday, May 07, 2011

I'm very stronger now !

- This is his favourite claim of the moment - could be he lifted his tub to finish up his bath water or when peeling a banana on his own for the first time :).

I'm a spiderman not a boy!
- This one totally flummoxed me because I have no idea what the parallel is :). Except that his underwear has Spiderman on it!!

Listen to me one minute!
- At the start of every conversation especially when he's trying to interrupt an ongoing one!

Don't scold Damita!
- Apparently he's the only one allowed to shout at her and beat her up!

I want Appa... and Amma also!
- The second part said after a pause .. because Amma screwed up her face and said "Amma sad!"

Happy Mothers Day everyone! :) Leaving for Singapore tonight, and I'm such a last minute packer, that I'm writing this blog instead of doing it! Next post from/about our vacation! Wish me luck :).


  1. So your vacation plans did come through!!! Have a wonderful time! I'm sure the kids will love it. Spiderman in Singapore? :)

  2. hey have a gr8 time in SG..loved this back from a weekend getaway in Ooty..will write about it maybe after catching up on other blogs..:-)
    HAVE FUN!!!

  3. Thanks Aparna and Uma :)
    Back from a hectic but very fun vacation.. will write about it soon!