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Tuesday, August 09, 2011

The Clock was ticking...

We have been having a very weird problem at home lately.. D does not yet know to read the time from a clock. She has displayed such enthusiasm at other activities like reading or learning a new game, that I was beginning to get quite daunted by her not making much effort in this area. I had tried books, making it fun/like a game, most of the small ways I could think of. One day recently, she reasoned with me why it was not important any more to know to "tell" the time:

"Amma, when I can see the time on the TV (TataSky information), or from one of your mobiles, why do I have to learn to understand the clock?"


My arguments about it being important anyway (what if you are at a place, where there are only clocks. No power for the TV or mobiles? - Doomsday-like situation I had to bring up literally!) did not convince her too much,  but she has atlast deigned to try it out (maybe for "Amma's" sake ;)), but atleast it's a beginning and she seems to be picking it up fast. Fingers crossed :) !


  1. She is one smart girl D! Can't blame her her logic was right, she can see time on the TV. Lol... am still laughing!

  2. haha, she has a point! smart I say!!

  3. She is too smart to have argued with you like this! And she is totally right :)

  4. Can you refute that?:)

    btw, hopped in from Uma's!

  5. @Simran - yes, my immediate response in these situations is a very comical face when I'm dying to laugh yet trying to keep my face straight :).

    @Uma, Aparna - thank you on her behalf :). I'm learning something new each day!

    @Vidya - Welcome here! I was on the verge of agreeing with her, then stopped myself and tried to convince her otherwise ;). Thank you and keep coming :).

  6. Girl's got a point. I wonder why we are still stuck with analogue clocks. This is a legacy from a bygone era.. like traffic lights :D They serve no real purpose. :)