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Thursday, August 04, 2011

Girls and....

Make-up !!! What is it about that combination.. Even growing up in a house where literally no-one around her wears any make-up, D is fascinated with it ! Or maybe it is the lack of make-up around her that makes her want it all the more ;) !!

D has a play at school today, some program for which parents are "not invited" as she told me promptly a couple of days back. She has been practising for this event for the last couple of weeks with me hearing small tid-bits every day about the play, her co-actors (only a couple of them from her class/section), her dialogues, the music and finally in the last couple of days the costumes !! Her costume was blue tights and a yellow t-shirt, and since her school tights were blue, I thought these were supposed to be the same colour and was running around to find something appropriate. Should have just settled for any colour as she told me someone else who was a tree was wearing brown tights - so obviously nothing to do with school colours :(.

And then since yesterday she has been pestering me that "Ma'am has asked me to wear lipstick and make-up". Now this is usually a big no-no in our house, with even nailpolish not usually allowed since I still occasionally see her putting her hand/fingers in her mouth. For her school program in her last year of Montessori, the teachers themselves put some make-up on the children, and though not completely to my liking I decided not to make a fuss when the deed was already done anyway. But this time, I told her - "Amma does not use any make-up so I don't have any!" She actually asked me to go and buy some! Well, that was not going to happen of course :). All I had was lip gloss which I put on her lightly and used the same for the cheeks too and put her on the bus and sent her off. I'm sure her Ma'am can put something more if she wants to - I just have to be reconciled to that.

Fingers crossed until I see her in the afternoon and hear about how it went :). And hopefully they might put up a video online, so I'll actually get to see a bit of  it too !!


  1. Strange that school asks such young children to wear make up! When you bring up nail polish, it reminds me that my daughter likes to color her fingers with crayons/sketch pens/chalks and what not. By the time we discover her colored hands it would already be wet from all the thumb sucking!

  2. well...girls and make-up do have a certain chemistry..
    my 2.5 yr old niece comments on my sister's attire and demands that she also gets a dress in the similar exotic colour!!!
    do let us know if the maa'm put on some more make up for her...;-)

  3. There's no point keeping girls away from all the 'shringar' general they do gravitate towards it! I think as parents there's a thin line between what is just fun and how much is too much.

  4. @Life_Refactored - The school is very prompt in posting the photos of these events, and I found some children were quite elaborately made up so I guess it is - to each their own :). LOL at your daughter - creating her own polish already !

    @Uma - Yes I guess I just have to accept that. Probably feels weird to me as I don't remember passing through this stage at such a young age. When I was in college/started work I did go through the matching earrings and trying out lipstick stage - but I always used to buy a particular shade, try it once, and then not use for the next 3 years(which I hear is the time of expiry!). This is why I still possess only lip gloss and eyeliner ;).
    And no, they did not put on anything additional :).

    @Aparna - I have to agree(if grudgingly) with that. I guess because I haven't explored much on this subject myself, and sometimes seeing kids looking quite fearsome with the amount of make-up parents put on them, I am all the more resistant to it :).

  5. Make-up on very little girls bothers me. Even in Ayaan's class, for some annual day function, the girls had dark lipsticks, foundation and what not. So not required.

  6. @Rohini - Same here. While looking through the school photos, I noticed a couple of girls actually had eyeshadow on !. Completely not my scene, so I don't understand parents who would do something like that.

  7. Hmm Intresting... well my daugher now 3.5 years sees me applying lipstick/ eye stuff when I go to office and she got curious. So far its contained as: V gets chapstick (since it gets cold here and her lips do get dry, and i hate vaseline) the other stuff, she has been like: oh big people do that.
    O do get very concious, so my door is closed till i am prim and proper for work!