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Monday, August 15, 2011

The Three R's

Reading , wRiting and Recitation - isn't that how we learnt it? Started writing this post and remembered the catch-phrase :).

Recitation was out of the way before the weekend - D had a prelim competition in school (my last post) and she was selected for the finals. So I'm not getting out of making those props :).

On to Reading - The most recent update about S is that he's so much into "reading a book" thanks to seeing older sis do a lot of it (that example thing working for good habits sometimes :)!). So I decided it's time I started the bedtime story ritual - feeling guilty that I probably started earlier with D, but better late than never ! What is it with kids and wanting to read the same book/see the same movie over and over and over again :) !!! I know "The Crunching Munching Caterpillar" by heart now :). So it goes - I read the book, D reads the book for S once more if she's still awake, and S reads the book "on his own" once again before we actually get to the sleeping bit.

And the Writing - We had a relaxed long weekend with one big highlight being that S got Homework for the first time !! This usually happens at 3.5 years so I was expecting it sometime soon, but my memories of D when first starting her homework - it took weeks of tug-of-war before we got around to a schedule where she willingly wanted to sit and do it - were a bit daunting. To see her now, no-one would realize - she is so good with doing it herself only asking me for help for tough stuff or with some crafty work that she can't handle herself.

So obviously I was sighing a bit thinking of having that experience all over again. And hoping hard that the example set by D would be of some use to nudge S in the right direction, but you can never predict those things as all parents know!

V Aunty is S's teacher at school whom he's very fond of, so every day I hear something that V Aunty told him, or something V Aunty did and so on. So when we opened the notebook to start, the first thing S said was:
"V Aunty said to Enjoy the dots!"
Me at first wondering if this is some new principle of Montessori to love/enjoy your work so get the kids to relate to it better, then it strikes me - his homework was to "Join" the dots !! Well we certainly enjoyed them after that :).


  1. Hey congrats to Damita for getting selected for finals..
    and kudos to u..D does her homework on her own!
    love the way S's montessori is handling the psyche behind the homework..hey which montessori does he go to? do you know of any good ones around marathahalli area?

  2. Fantastic that D does homework on her own and congrats to her for making it to the finals!! Wish her luck for the finals :)

  3. @Uma - Thank you :). S goes to a place called Siksha which is about 5 minutes from home - it's the same school D studied until she went to Kumarans. They do a really good job, and make the kids look forward to going to school :).

    @Poornima - Thanks , will definitely pass on the wishes :).

  4. Uma - sorry I missed out answering your question - I unfortunately don't have much idea about that side of town :(. Hope you find a nice place!

  5. no probs Aparna..yeah, hope i find a good place..:-)

  6. All the best to D for the finals!!! :) N loves his bedtime reading ritual too. And if we don't read a book then a story has to be told. We should plan to get the kids to meet some time.
    I dread the homework days, pata nahi N ka kya hoga!