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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

When do they grow?

I have been having this problem a lot lately.. I see a dress - in the shop or something that has been gifted to us, and I think "Oh that's too big for him!". Like today for instance S was supposed to go to school in traditional clothing, as they are celebrating Varalakshmi Puja in advance at school today. I had a kurta that was a gift from my mom-in-law a couple of months back which had seemed "Very large" when I first saw it. I had decided to just send him in his normal clothes but just thought at the last minute to check the size. Even when I lay my eyes on the dress, it seemed it would be too big/long for him. But when I called him and checked, I found the length only slightly longer than the exact size, in fact very manageable!! This is what he looked like:

I have had this feeling even when going to shops to buy them clothes - that my visual idea of both D and S's sizes is a little smaller than what they have actually grown to at that age !!! Maybe it is because I want to keep them babies for longer :), but I thought moms are supposed to be instinctive about such things - sadly I seem to be missing that particular instinct !!


  1. Now a time will come when you and Damita can shop together. I wonder who among you is more looking fwd to that :)

  2. awwwwww he's looking so handsome
    i completely understand what you mean...even i keep away clothes saying "too big" and the next time i bring them out, the t-shirt is just short of covering the little tum! they grow tall FAST

  3. haven't had this particular problem myself....but now that u know, it ought to be easy to apply a 'correction factor' to your estimates while shopping for them :)
    S is looking very cute in his kurta-pyjama, and he's smiling so sweetly and obligingly :)

  4. he sooo cuteee....kala tikka! happened once with me where I intentionally wanted to buy a larger size but ended up buying maybe two sizes large...have been more careful other times..:-)

  5. Awwwww! He is looking adorable :) I always face this issue when shopping for N. I have to actually ask him if I can hold the tshirt onto his back and see if it fits! And the labels on the clothes don't help at all. A 12 to 18 month old t-shirt in one brand fits while the same age group in another brand doesn't fit :(

  6. @Ashok, at the moment she still feels like any shop we go to is her playground so not yet shopping for shopping's sake. That'll definitely be fun when it comes :).

    @Forever Mother, nearly exactly the same thing happened to me a couple of times, so this time I was glad to have started using it when it was a little on the larger side!

    @Aparna - Thank you :). And lucky you - your estimation skills definitely sound better than mine :).

    @Uma - Thank you :). Yes, sometimes I end up taking them to the shop even though i usually used to avoid it because it is so distracting to be looking around for them instead of at the actual clothing!

    @Simran - Exactly !! Mothercare has UK type sizes, every other clothing line has their own idea of how big children are at any age apparently !! It's ok if we buy something large because atleast you can use it later, so I usually take the larger one if i have a doubt!

  7. Boy is looking dapper! James Bond in the making!!!

  8. @Life_Refactored: Thank you! Very apt reference - he certainly has the charm to get away with most minor midemeanours ;).

  9. He looks chooo cute!
    I usually get her sizes right. There are exceptions though.
    But growing up part, I really wish they stayed as babies. :)

  10. Thanks Sahana :).

    I am mostly sticking to buying slightly larger sizes.. better to err on that side than the other !