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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mother Birds...

I have been thinking about how wonderful it is that they are able to push their chicks out of the nest with complete confidence that they WILL be able to fly :). I know it's probably not as violent as all that, but I'm sure the moms have quite a big job to convince those little babies that they are not going to fall to the ground :). Wish I could let go as easily as that...

I have mentioned on my blog before about how weird it feels to not Know what D is upto during the hours she is at school, atleast until she comes back in the afternoon and tells me a little about it. Last week she had a program at school where she was a Mother Bird in a play on Environmental Awareness. (the same one I mentioned in Girls and...)  I did get most of the details from her about who's acting, what lines she was saying and even about the set and the props and so on, but it was the first time that she had "performed" in something and I was not in the audience !! Thankfully the school is very prompt in posting photos of such things, so atleast I got a visual idea (still hoping for a video to come along ;)) of what happened that day.

Just when I had got over last week's happenings, I find that D has a recitation competition with the preliminary round today, with a final later in the month for those who are chosen. Last evening, we chose a rhyme (from Karadi Rhymes by Usha Uthup which I love), she learnt her lines, hubby helped her with the delivery, and she was all set. Of course the first thing she said at 6 a.m. when she woke up was - "I don't want to go for recitation!"). I did my Tiger Mom act (slightly softened one as befits the time of the day) and she also slowly built up her enthusiasm as she realized that she remembered her lines pretty well :).

This time the feeling of missing out for me is even more, because we helped her prepare for it at home, unlike the play where I really only was involved in providing the costume.  It doesn't really matter to me if she's selected for the final round. I just want her to have a positive and fun experience, gain confidence in her abilities so she wants to participate in things more, and I'm irritated I can't be there to watch her spread her wings and FLY !!


  1. Ma bird eh!! am sure she'd have modeled you on the role :)

  2. So, I presume the school wants the parents to participate as audience only for the final show of such events. I can totally understand what you mean when you say "missing out". Sometimes I feel maybe in a way it is better when the kids perform without the parents as audience. Maybe that way it will be less of a pressure if you get what I mean...but i would also be anxious to know how the event went off..:-)

  3. @L_R - Don't know about that ;). It's a bit too scary to serve as an example, when kids start imitating you and holding a mirror to your actions !!

    @Uma - Not sure if we are invited even for the finals! This is for a Lit Fest which I think is usually Students only kind of thing. But agree with you that it is probably better for her to be independent and do it on her own - doesn't mean I have to like it though :) !

  4. Know what you mean. Adi was in a play yesterday and it was a school only affair. Thankfully his teacher has taken a video and we can take a copy of it :)

    But you know what, sometimes its better if the parents are not around to watch them. Last Dec, Adi was one of the three kings in his school nativity play. He was all excited and even 'over acting' as long as I was watching him. The moment he caught me watching someone else (although very briefly) he lost his cheerfulness and had a sad look for the rest of the play :(

  5. Yes Poornima, Agree that does happen sometimes :). It's a bit of a Catch 22 I suppose.

    On the bright side, Damita has been "selected" for the finals on 30th August, so I have no choice but to make some props now ;).