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Wednesday, August 03, 2011

The comfort of reading...

Lately the time I most feel my age is when I am sitting and reading (or of course have been on the laptop for a little too long;))....

Thanks to my Kindle (how could i not mention it ;)) and the Wheel of Time series that I am currently reading, I have started spending a lot more time at this activity than I was in the last few years. And I find that everytime after one of those sessions when I have got lost in the book and not really noticed my surroundings, I get up with a stiff neck :(...

I have been wanting to buy/procure a reading chair - though I call it that I have no idea as to what exactly I want. I do not want a LazyBoy kind of elaborate, large piece as I will then have to struggle to find space for it. The thing that comes to my mind is something of an "Easy chair" model that I can possibly cushion up a bit, because I basically want to support my neck. If anyone has any pointers on this, please do let me know and do post pictures of what you use for reading at your house.

My requirements would be:

  • Back and Neck support
  • Doesn't need to have an armrest, though don't mind if it's there
  • Not too space consuming
  • Easily available (not the custom made kind ideally)

My other option is to use a pillow or a large cushion on my already comfortable (though lacking neck support) sofa which is the option I am trying out currently.


  1. Oh that must be painful :( What kind of couch do u have...can't u use one of those travelling pillows to cushion ur neck? I just use a large cane chair (cheap and best!) for reading but I have a footrest (a 'moda') so that I can sink down into the chair and rest my head without my back aching. Now how do I post a pic of this? :)

  2. Sorry haven't taken up ur tag yet....will do so soon...:)

  3. Thanks Aparna. So silly of me - only if there's a link available to it online you can post it i guess, not a personal photo :(..

    Large cane chair.. that sounds comfy for sure.. and your description was as good as a photo so I can nearly imagine it in my head :).

    And waiting for your tagged post for sure .. !

  4. yes that large cane chair with cushions sound so comfy...I generally prop up some pillows for the neck and sit down on the bed and read..

  5. Thanks Uma :). I do try that, but somehow haven't found that comfortable pillow combination to support back and neck together. End up lying down and reading cos that works out better for me :).

    One interesting link I found was

    But I'm sure these are not available so easily in India, plus would (like the LazyBoy in a sense) take up too much space .. (slightly sour grapes excuse ;)).