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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Effective Advertising..!

I've had many experiences of D asking for something she saw on TV, like after seeing the earlier set of Garnier ads, she was so enamoured with their "Long & Strong" shampoo, and was not even satisfied when I got her the Garnier Kids Shampoo instead :).

But this was not one I thought would impact her - We were both waiting for a youtube video to load, which as it happens sometimes was taking quite a while. So while seeing all the reload circling icons:

D: Amma, Looks like you have only 3G, why don't you get Reliance 3G?

I think I should call this series "Speechless!" Seem to be so many of these moments nowadays :).


  1. LOLOL...too much!
    D is one helluva observant and smart gal!
    enjoy these speechless moments! they'll only double up when S catches up...:-)

  2. LOL!!! Can't stop laughing. Kids are sponges man they absorb so much from around them.

  3. ha ha...seriously!! kids know more than us these days thanks to ads and you know what i have a half written post on the impact of ads on kids...will post soon :)

  4. Uma, Simran, Poornima - Thank you :)