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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

A tomato called Beefsteak?

The first time I heard the  name I definitely went "huh"! What a name for a tomato. But as time and more gardening went by, I definitely got fascinated by this variety and wanted to try growing it myself. These are large sized tomatoes where each fruit can be really large and heavy if it grows well. As luck would have it, my first one was a double one with 2 flowers/fruits stuck together :).

Strawberry flowers appearing at last - this plant has produced a lot of runners and covered a large surface area in a few months, now it is turning its energies to producing flowers, and I'm looking forward to the lovely strawberries in a few weeks!

After months of waiting for yellow zucchinis, at last my plant has produced 3 of them, and I'm hoping the trend will continue. Wish me luck!


  1. All the best to the gardener in you :)

  2. Now I know why you and Ananya are friends - this passion for the green growing things!

  3. wowowwww!!! i love that zucchini.... u really shud teach us some basics aparna.. and am serious.. will ping u in a while