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Thursday, December 20, 2012

What can we do?

Though I'm anyway not a great newspaper reader (get most of my news on FB ;)), in the last few days I just pick up the newspaper and read the first page and then wonder why I even bothered. I know the TOI thrives on sensation, but seriously there seems to be a dearth of "good" sensational news :(.

And the mind of course goes back to the recent rape case in the capital, how could it not? Not the first, and definitely not the last, how much ever of a hue and cry we are all doing to make about it on FB or on the streets. When there exist minds that feel that raping or molesting a woman is an acceptable way of proving power or superiority, how could this situation ever change?

I badly want my children to grow up strong, and being able to face any situation. So what can I do as a parent?
  • Teach them about having a sense of respect, so that they grow up to be good human beings.
  • Talk to them about the perils of interacting with strangers, not just strangers but any adult other than a parent and maybe a teacher (even that only in a classroom environment).
  • Educate them about good touch/bad touch using videos like this one.
  • Send our children to martial arts and self defense classes.
  • Figure out how to keep that channel of communication open so that they'll always feel able to talk to us.
  • And hope, hope, hope!

Posted for Day 20 of the Marathon Bloggers challenge.


  1. everytime i come here, i feel i have come to my blog, thanks for that feeling.. and totally agree to what u said

  2. Martial arts classes for sure! Womens web had anice article on how each individual can make a tiny difference.

  3. Yes, we do all this and hope that they stay safe! Because other than that there will be all kinds of people out there!! :(

  4. Thanks Swati, Aparna, Simran! Thinking on the subject too much gives me the chills, but it was good to partly get it out of my system.