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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Awww moment of the day :)

I am still not too much in the writing mode, thinking of the fast approaching Christmas, and all the stuff I have not done is getting to me. I need to have a whirlwind 2 days now to catch up with the baking and putting up the tree!!

But I could not resist noting down this one. I may have mentioned here before about how S is a really affectionate child and very free with his hugs and kisses at the moment. I know this is unusual with boys especially as they grow older, so I was telling him today:

Me: S, you are such a konji (difficult to translate!) now, you love to hug Amma. But when you grow older, if you stop doing it, Amma will be very sad.
S: When I'm 5 years old?
Me: Yes!
S: No I'll surely hug you when I'm 5 years old.
Me: But what about 6 years, 7 years, 8 years, 9 years, 10 years?
S: Even when I'm Thirty Five years old I'll hug you !

Happy Mommy :) !

And that's my post for Day 19 of the #marathonbloggers. 


  1. Awwww...
    how sweet!!! I hope he keeps his word :) That would make for one content and happy mommy I'm sure!

  2. It is such an awwww moment. So sweet S. A big hug to you. I have a bigggg smile on my face right now thinking of this!!

  3. sweet.hugs and love to S :-))

  4. aanandha kaneer here....I know how it feels...kutti "r" is also such a konji...He pichiies, katipudichifies, kissfies and konchifies and makes me feel soooo special. I know how you feel momma! Enjoy it :)

  5. awwww. i'd give all my 24 hours for an aww moment like this one. strange but i was thinking the same thing last night, when i put niks, who's 5 going on 6, to bed. he loves to cuddle up now, but for how long?!

    1. I know kids(boys) who just hate to be hugged even when they are small.. so I consider myself lucky ;), however long the phase lasts.

  6. Thank you Aparna, Simran, Uma & Swathika :)