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Friday, December 13, 2013

Day 12: No one ever tells you..

When you have kids, no one ever tells you that you will be under intense scrutiny in the time you spend around them. While this was nice when they were younger, when anything Amma wears is beautiful and they think Amma always "looks nice", I find that things are changing as they grow up to have a very clear mind of their own. Reactions to my latest haircut for example:

From D, who has very serious views of growing her own hair at the moment:
Amma! Why did you cut your hair? You don't look nice! :P
How the mighty have fallen...

From S, who's very observant:
What .. Amma! You cut your hair eh? I was wondering if you had tied it up in a ponytail but now I realized it's cut!

And on trying out the new lipgloss that I had picked up for use for D's ballet program:
Amma! You're wearing lipstick?
As you can make out, this is an unusual event ;)

First try at a "selfie" :)
This post is part of the December blogging challenge #MB2013 from Marathon Bloggers.


  1. I think your haircut looks cute. But then, I'm not an observant 8-year-old ;)

    1. I am selectively considering only the first part of your comment Shailaja ;).. thank you :)!

  2. I remember when I had blogged about having got a short haircut, you'd consoled me with 'I got one too'.. But this looks soooo good. I know how brutal the kids can be with their opinions. However, I do think parents shouldn't worry about what they say..I've seen enough mums defer too much to their kids.

    1. Haha I know what you mean Tulika, I've seen that too! I'm completely the other extreme, and my response to D was - I didn't do it to look good, only to get it off my head :P.