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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Day 29: More About the Year Gone By

2013 has been the year of changes where S was concerned as well. It's his last academic year at our beloved Montessori school before he moves to a "big" school in 2014. Hopefully the same one that D goes to, fingers crossed and waiting for the admission to go through. And noone else is allowed to say "He's a sibling, he'll DEFINITELY get in" to me :P.

Where health is concerned, I felt he had made big improvements in his allergies, mainly thanks to homeopathy, but the end of the year has not been as good. The really extra cold winter of Bengaluru has left him battling a couple of infections at which point I do tend to move to conventional allopathic meds, simply because they give comfort from the symptoms so much more easily. We will keep on with the resistance building homeo meds, and hope the next year is kinder and leaves him much stronger at the end of it :).

Personality.. hmm that's a tough one to assess in his case. Not so much of an open book or rather not as naive as D, that's my impression as of now. A lot of stubbornness has been thrown into the mix, and he's finding that his charm is not going to let him get away with all kinds of behaviour any more ;). The good part is that he can get into the middle of any conversation, and make himself at home, which I hope will serve him well in life. We are calling him the sales guy of the family, taking after my bro-in-law in the previous generation ;).

Here's to my little fella who's not so little any more, who came out into the world earlier than we expected, and still keeps surprising us with his mischief and equally with his wholehearted shows of affection, wish you a lovely 2014 and every year to come! And wishing me a bit more patience in the bargain as well ;).

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