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Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Why I missed Day 2!

As my Dec 1st post came out of my drafts, oh well who am I kidding it was pretty much fully written and I was just hesitating to post it, I forgot to mention that I have taken up a marathon blogging challenge once again for this December. And I missed day 2?! That was much earlier than I expected :(. So here's why..

My little fella has been showing a good improvement in resistance and has been battling his allergies much better than before. All I had to do was think about it to myself of course, and WHAM he's down with a bad attack of congestion followed quickly by fever. He's always a bit of a charmer and though I know that his actual discomfort is also accompanied by a whole lot of dramatics, but still when he starts screwing up his face my heart melts. Didn't feel like writing anything much, so gave it a miss yesterday. And though he's been not feeling too great, the diplomacy is all intact ;).

Me: Where do you want to eat lunch S, with me or with Paati? (My parents stay downstairs and he eats lunch with them on weekends)
S: (in a verrry subdued voice) Whatever you say..
Me: Quickly realizing he's trying to not "hurt" me, but keeping options open as he can watch some TV when downstairs which I wouldn't put on here ;). LOL! Took pity on him and sent him down to eat.

On to today's themed post next :).


  1. Hugs to you and S! Hope he recovers soon.

  2. Anonymous6:29 PM


    how is he now?

  3. Thanks Shailaja and Monika. Not yet on the recovery track, fever was up again last night even after a dose of Calpol pre sleeping :(.

  4. Lord it's horrible.. Kids falling ill. The congestion takes ages to go. Take care.

  5. Hope he is better now...