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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Day 25: A lovely Christmas breakfast

Those who know me well know how much I hate spending time in the kitchen, and it's only for some unusual days or recipes that I would willingly spend most of my morning there ;). Christmas is of course one of those days and I decided that I had to make Appam and Stew for breakfast, as this is something I don't try too often. I have used the ready-mixes once in a while, but somehow was always a bit hesitant to try the "from scratch" deal. Mom-in-law did give me the recipe for the Thattai-appam but said it would be slightly different for the typical palappam, which she doesn't make much.

Response from S on hearing what I was making - 'I never knew that you knew to make Appam!"

Enter a friend whom I originally met through gardening, but with whom I've had a lot of diverse discussions since then and her lovely cooking blog called Enriching your Kid. I was chatting with her a couple of days ago, and she mentioned that she had a palappam recipe on it, so I immediately went and found it and decided to try it out :).

This was the outcome, the recipe for the Stew was also from her blog: