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Monday, December 30, 2013

Day 30: 2013 - My Personal Journey

I cannot wrap up my 2013 reminiscing without talking a bit about my journey over this year. I would in fact go so far as to say that I found myself this year :).. Which still makes me nowhere close to perfect, but just happier that I know the things I'm content with, and the things I would like to make better.

I KNOW that I want to get as close to self sustainability as possible where vegetables are concerned, but this involves a lot of better planning for my gardening so I have a long way to go.

I KNOW that I want to reduce processed food, but this means that I need to plan and make items like my own bread a lot more often, which is the point that I'm usually struck by lethargy :P.

I KNOW a lot of my shortcomings in dealing with the children, but knowing is nowhere close to getting over them :(. Taking baby steps and reminding myself every time I stumble, and hopefully I'll get there.

I KNOW that the only kind of work-life that I would consider is one that I can do predominantly from home, and that would have flexible timings. Asking for a bit much? Maybe, but it has helped me discover that I could do something that I enjoy and that is relatively stress-free, such as writing, even if I'm not reconciled completely to the money I earn out of it yet ;).  It helps that I have a wonderfully supportive hubby who takes the stress of being the main earning member on his shoulders, and makes it much easier for my peace of mind.

In that context, I also KNOW that I should explore more work options based on the needs stated above, probably something that makes use of my previous work experience, though I find that it's tough to get over my diffidence in exploring something new.

I KNOW that you can make lovely friendships through the most unexpected mediums, and Facebook has played a big part in meeting like-minded people, both in gardening and in just "being myself". Even if I decide to limit my time on social media, I'm definitely going to stay in touch with a lot of these wonderful folks.

Some more reminiscing and resolutions on my wishlist for 2014, coming up as my last post for the year :).

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  1. Anonymous9:08 AM

    agree on the social media. Though I haven't made "friends" really, there are so many people whom I follow just to keep myself sane.!!