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Monday, December 23, 2013

Day 23: The Secret Santa Game!

Those who read my posts would know that I have quite fallen by the wayside with no posts for nearly a week.. well I'm blaming it on the frenzy of playing Secret Santa in the Marathon Bloggers group ;).
I was introduced to this fun concept just last year through the group and this year too, Monika very sweetly coordinated the process as Head Santa and enabled us to have a lot of fun all over again :).

I was not very clear with my wishlist, simply because I wanted to be surprised :). With a general request for books, I was thrilled to receive one that I would definitely have bought and read soon, and another one that I can't wait to be introduced to! And the fun of opening a present - that definitely does not seem to happen too often nowadays so I enjoyed every bit of it ;).

I still don't know who my Secret Santa is, but I have an inkling it's someone from Mumbai.. waiting for the process to completely unwind and everyone to receive their gifts, before figuring it out and thanking my SS personally :).

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  1. I am so behind in my reading.. Got a stash from my super Santa. Been great, isn't it?