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Friday, December 13, 2013

Day 13: Laughter is the best medicine

Today is themed post day again :)..

Laughter.. hmm somehow today the first thing that came to mind on seeing this quote was Suppandi.. such a favourite in our childhood days.. it was so much easier to appreciate humour then, without thinking about all the extrapolated aspects! This is mainly to do with all the name calling that seems to abound in this cartoon - words like idiot, fool and stupid are used in nearly every strip !! Well, I remind myself that I read it when I was young and it didn't really prompt me to start calling people names :P.. but still I can't help but mention it to D once in a while. I would never discourage her from reading it however (much like the fairy tale exposure that many parents seem to over-think nowadays), as I believe we need to keep our eyes and ears open to all inputs, and learn to take in what enriches us while disregarding the rest. Uff, too much funda for Suppandi I know ;).. so go read this now:


  1. Ha Ha! Supandi..I have never read one myself but I remember classmates laughing over the same.

  2. Oh my God! Suppandi was an all-time favourite!! I agree completely with the ridiculous over-thinking that this fairy tale situation has come to! What happened to enjoying things for what they were, instead of analysing it down to the core? Thanks for my laugh today :)

  3. Haha. You've brought back memories there. As kids, not only did we read Suppandi, we enacted the strips too. Over and over again. :oP

    I do believe that some amount of analysing is required so that kids don't internalise certain harmful ideas without being aware like we did. For example, Suppandi makes it seem okay to treat a person badly because he/she is a 'servant'.

    But I totally agree with you that encouraging reading most things and then having a discussion once in a while about the good and the bad is a great way to handle this. :)

  4. Hey I never read Supandi... Sounds like fun.

  5. Thank you ladies for reading and commenting. I was so surprised to know that a couple of you have not read Suppandi.. Tinkle was such an inseparable part of my childhood :).