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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

For Day 16: Tis the season ... :)

We have had a tradition of spending Christmas at my parents-in-law's place in Chennai, but somehow in the last couple of years it has not worked out that way. Last year, we had an engagement to attend in Kerala, and this year due to a shorter holiday for D, and hubby traveling as well, it seems like we'll be in chilly Bangalore for the festive season.

Well, whether we are here or not, 2 items that are a must-have in this season are up and shining away now, so it feels a bit like Christmas here already :).

The kids of course had great fun helping me decorate the tree, which has some handmade ornaments from the kids, some from a secret santa exercise I took part in last year on my bloggers group and one special handmade copper wire one from my aunt as well :).


  1. I love Christmas and doing up the house all frosty.. but ironically its summer christmas for me this time :D

    1. Oh yes, that must feel really different :). But I can just imaging the gorgeous waters and skies making an amazing backdrop to the festive season as well!